The Day You Were Born
Our Wedding Day

The House of Names

This fascinating emporium takes you back in time to when everything was more personalised and life moved at a more genteel pace.  Modern technology, however, enables us to create an authentically styled gift which will prove to be something to be treasured for years to come.

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The day you were born

60 facts relating specifically to the recipients birthday. A real trip down Memory Lane!

The wedding day

Outlining the lives of both partners before they became ‘one.’ A recipe for Married Bliss!

Flash back in time

Flash, bang, Wallop! Family and friends pictured in an authentic Victorian setting and at a time when, of course, photographs were sepia in colour.

Heraldic coat of arms

History in the making and, again, personalised just for you.

We can also introduce you to:

A host of personalised gifts, key rings, posters and named products - including Welsh themed products.

Inside John Chambers’ photographic studio, his fascinating Picture House has been evolving for 20 years and curiously and this modern technology re- creates, perfectly, the atmosphere of days gone by. There is a changing cubicle where you can fit the costumes provided over your own clothing and the studio itself can take on a range of themes from Victorian to Wild West! Great fun and destined to create an unforgettable holiday picture! ....don’t miss it!


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